Green Energy for the Mediterranean Region
Development, Financing and Operation of hybrid power plants with a planned capacity of up to 200 Megawatts
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We are ready to solar energy,
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A world wide distribution of solar supplies in Albania
«We trust in solar energy’s future as it is a cleaner, affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce energy. United Terra Energy’s goal is to develop Solar and Wind farms of up to 200 Megawatts including up to 50 Mwh storage capacity in the Mediterranean Region. Focusing on areas with good sun exposure and shortages of energy supply, we plan to enhance the region's economic prosperity by creating temporary and permanent jobs through our projects.»
Dr. Frank Wettstein
CEO United Terra Energy
Million investment
€ 200
Megawatt storage
Megawatt capacity

The growing global energy demand resulting from the economic recovery opens new opportunities for United Terra Energy to develop, build, operate and finance solar power projects in the Mediterranean region.

Through our network of partners and other stakeholders who share our vision, we have narrowed a short list to launch new solar and wind projects in the Med region.
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“Dream Big. Start small. Act now.”
Robin Sharma
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